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BPG Kovine d.o.o. is your competent partner for the efficient processing of industrial scrap throughout Europe, such as scrap from processing industries (automotive, electronics, glass, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and chemical sectors, etc.).



BPG d.d. is registered with the ATVP  as an  alternative commodity fund. From the legal perspective the AIF is structured as a public limited company. The company's shares are traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange.



BPG Kovine d.o.o. s registered with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology as a precious metal dealer. Buy either physical metals or digital gold on Ripple.. For more information, please visit

IOUs are tokens (not cryptocurrencies!) issued on the platform that are redeemable for a fungible asset - gold!



BPG d.d. is operating one of the most secure vaults in Europe. The vault is located in Logatec and has a security level IX. 

Alternatively you can store your valuables with our partner Malca-Amit in London, Ziuerich, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Toronto, Singapore, Bangkok or New York City., 

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